Letter from Eric

RCH support education of Eric from his secondary time. Now he goes to university and learns a lot as an egg of nurse!

How are you and your family? Hope each of you is doing good. I really miss you so much. Back to my side, I'm doing well and my family is also doing ok. I began doing my clinical placement at Rwamagana hospital where i have spent almost a month serving as a student nurse in 4 wards that are emergency, surgery, internal medicine and operating room. The main objective of the clinical placement is to be able to apply pharmacology and medical surgical nursing in the hospital setting. i wake up at 6:00AM, prepare my self  up to 6:40AM and reach the work place at 6:55AM but the work starts at 7:00AM. Next, i obtain information concerning each patient in the ward from the night nurse. For some wards like surgery, there is no need of asking information from the nurse because the new cases admitted are few and you find almost all patients left on the previous day, still the ones present at the moment, unlike other wards where the number of new cases admitted is very high. When i get to know each patient, it becomes much easier for me to come up with my plan of the day. That's how i spent my day during this session of clinical placement.

Apart from doing clinical placement, i'm also preparing for the final exams ending the second semester that will be done 1 week ago after the clinical placement. After the exams, i'm expected to have a 1 week holiday and come back for another 11 weeks clinical placement that will mark the end of my second year. 

I also can't forget to thank you for accepting to stand beside me so that i don't make this journey alone. In fact, without you this journey would be a dream.

Therefore, i will always say thank you so much because there is nothing in this world i can give you in return to what you did and still doing into my life. The only promise I can make to you is" as you picked me up, i will pick up some body else too".

yours lovely son Eric