Walk together the School Path out of poverty


The easiest way to support Rwanda Children’s Hope is through donation. Your money is in good hands, since Rwanda Children’s hope helps one of the poorest people in Rwanda Africa with locally rooted team on the ground. All your donation is directly remit to the local team. Since when funding RCH till now, all our team members work hard volunteer based in order to achieve better future of Rwanda children. We guarantee that your donation is used in a conscientious, cost-effective and financially scrupulous way. 

With your donation, you can guarantee Rwanda children's in following matters:

  • 20 USD: one month scholarship for one child
  • 125 USD: six months scholarship for one child
  • 250 USD: one year scholarship for one child

You can fill out the following Donation Form.

Should you have further clarification, please contact us to info@rwanda-childrens-hope.com.

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