Impact of Coronavirus

In Rwanda, since discovered infected person in the passenger in the airplane on 8th March 2020, at the moment of 13th April, there have been 126 cases, 0 death, and 25 recovered ( In order to prevent the situation getting worse, all socio-economic activities are closed except for grocery store, pharmacy, and hospital. People are under the curfew, border closure, and no movement of public and private transportation. The government activities are all done by on-line. All school are closed and it is said that it can be open again in the middle of the second semester which is from 2nd week of April till the first week of August. However, it is difficult to plan everything yet.

At that moment, all parents of students of Samaritan International School should stop their work and do not have income. They cannot pay school fee. Therefore, school cannot pay salary for their teachers and staff. Impact of Coronavirus is tremendous. School management is in very difficult situation.