Special Thanks to YMA Handbell Ensemble

We really appreciate the contribution from YMA Handbell Ensemble to Rwanda Children's Hope.

YMA Handbell Ensemble is a Japanese music group originally created and growing in Yamaguchi, Japan. They are consisting 30 to 40 Japanese pianist. This time, children group in which 6 year-old girl youngest till teenager play together hand in hand are formed from YMA Handbell Ensemble. They went to Switzerland for two weeks in order to  have new experience and especially to have music performance in public. They did fund-raising activity such as music performance and charity bazaar in Aarwangen church on 25th March, 2018 and they donated all their profit to Rwanda student's scholarship through Rwanda Children's Hope. We all team want to express deep gratitude towards kindness and activeness of such amazing children and musician.

Thank you very much!