We ended the third crowdfunding campaign!!

The third crowdfunding has just ended! Thank you so much for your encouraging support! We were able to continue standing with Rwandan kids thanks to support from many people. We are really appreciating to you all who directly and/or indirectly support our campaign! Thanks to those who are standing together, we collected 1,189,160 yen and were able to reach 79% of the target amount. We will give you return to those who directly support this campaign as soon as we receive photos and letters from Samaritan International School. Please also let us know if you need a receipt. If you need it, please directly send a message to

info@rwanda-childrens-hope.com by 18th July if possible.

Thank you once again for your support!! Hope that you will stay with us being a witness how the school and kids grow to cut the chain of the poverty.