Local Poultry Project

Samaritan International School aims to cut poverty cycle by educating children in poor family. At the same time, the school face difficulty to take profit of their management from poor family. IHCM is now trying to find self-sustained solution for Samaritan International School by Poultry business in and around Karangazi.

Rwanda Children Hope supports the school by providing scholarship for students from poor family. At the same time, Rwanda Children's Hope also supports to build self-sustained financial solution by helping poultry business for Samaritan International School. Global Fund gave the school chicken house and chicken in 2016 for starting poultry business. In 2017, Rwanda Children's Hope donated the school chicken forage and constructed electricity for chicken house. In the future, local poultry is not only business for school management but also essential nutrition for students in Samaritan International School as School Kitchen Program.