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Primary School Scholarship Project

Samaritan International School supports women and poor family who cannot spend much time on childcare but hard work to earn living for their children. They need quality education for their children to get rid of poverty vicious circle. Samaritan International School has 106 primary students (year 2017) in six different levels. Year 2020 every level will be filled with the number of more than 210 students.

Rwanda Children's Hope supports 33 children out of 106 primary students in 2017. There are still a lot of  children who need regular support in 2017. The number of students who need support will increase when the number of class increased. In 2017, up to primary three levels is filled; after three years, the number of primary students are expected to be double.  

Samaritan International School is designed to help poor children who cannot pay full tuition fee. However, without enough tuition fee paid by students, it is difficult for school to manage their finance to maintain quality education. In order to get out of this financial issue, IHCM creates Poultry local business which is to provide finance as well as nutrition to children. Rwanda Children's Hope also support this local business through Nutrition Project.

Walk together the School Path out of poverty

20.9 CHF per month (approx. 250$ per year) = You can help one year guarantee quality education for a primary school child in Samaritan International School. At the end of the year, you can receive a letter from the supporting child.

This cost includes: Teacher's Salary, One Time Gift (mattress, blanket, bed sheet for bedding), School Supplies (uniform, sport wear, sweater, shoes, school bag, books, pencils, crayons, and health insurance), and 80% of Meal Plan (20% of this Meal Plan basically paid by students)

This price can be modified later up to exchange rate between Rwanda Franc (RF) and USD/CHF as well as price inflation of local market in Rwanda.

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