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University School Scholarship Project

Karangazi community needs development which is organized and managed by local people. Local people needs knowledge and confidence to lead their community. In this sense, Rwanda Children's Hope support university education. We support students who graduated with excellent performance and high motivation to help their community in their future.


Rwanda Children's Hope supports so far 7 university students. Their study varies such as Theology, Computer Science, Nurse, Community Health, Law, Economy, and Education. They are the leaders of all supported students as well as community in the future. 

Walk together the School Path out of poverty

70 CHF per month (840$ per year) = You can help one year guarantee higher education for a child in university in Rwanda. Almost all of students who come from poor family cannot afford to have university  education even if students could graduate from their secondary education at top level. So many excellent children who would have supported their community and country’s future as a leader have to give up their possibility. Your support brighten children and country's future!

This price can be modified later up to exchange rate between Rwanda Franc (RF) and USD/CHF as well as price inflation of local market in Rwanda.

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