Walk together the School Path out of poverty

You can Help

There are many ways that you can help Rwanda Children and Rwanda's future through Rwanda Children's Hope. 


1. Donate

The easiest way to support Rwanda Children’s Hope is through donation. You can select donation amount and program/project to support. More Information.

2. Become a Member

If you want to give Rwanda children full guarantee of their course of education, you can become a member of Rwanda Children’s Hope. Once a year, you can receive a letter from your supported child. We set scholarship per their level of education. More Information.

3. Active for Rwanda Children’s Hope

Your activeness can change Rwanda children's future! More Information.

Occasion Donation:

You can try to raise fund through any occasion for Rwanda children's future. This can make event more special!

Voluntary Work, Internship

If you want to have unforgettable life experience and understand local development with education, local business, and trauma-healing in Rwanda, please come and work together with Rwanda Children's Hope on the ground.

4. Corporate Partnership

Corporate Social Responsibility is getting more and more important. Rwanda Children's Hope can give any public and private organization a special opportunity to collaborate together. More Information.


5. Bequest

Would you like to shape the future of this world after you have gone? You can realize this with a bequest, legacy or donation. More Information.